Distinguish Yourself and Your Business through HIF

The Housing Inspection Foundation (HIF) has been certifying Home Inspectors since 1991. It is a leading organization of professionals involved in home inspection, consulting and related activities.

HIF offers the following professional designations to qualified Members:

RHI - Registered Home Inspector

The Housing Inspection Foundation awards this designation to recent graduates through our recognized educational institutions. Once a graduate receives his or her certificate of completion to become a Home Inspector, the RHI designation is added to their name and contact information is listed in our online database so that prospective clients can confirm their expertise.

CHI - Certified Home Inspector

A Certified Home Inspector must possess the formal education, three or more years or work experience and the necessary State or Regional requirements to perform home inspections. Clients hiring CHI’s can rest assured that the inspection will be thorough and performed by a knowledgeable and highly capable professional.

CHC - Certified Housing Consultant

This designation is reserved for those professionals able to advise clients on all matters pertaining to home inspections. They may also manage the repair or restoration of any issues found during the property inspection.

CEHI – Certified Environmental Home Inspector

This certification is a hybrid state-of-the-art distinction and is reserved for those professionals who possess the traditional residential home inspection experience and are qualified to perform energy audits, inspections and indoor air quality testing and reporting. These CEHI’s provide many inspections that are important to all the stakeholders in a residential or commercial structure.

Affiliate Member

An Affiliate Member is a professional who is involved in any aspect of the home inspection industry and is typically not certified.